• WATER: The Adventures of Misfit Daphne Shaman- 1st Book (2012)
  • EARTH: The Adventures of Misfit Daphne Shaman -2nd book (2015)


Short Story Collections

  • My Name is May (1986)
  • The Most Naked Day of the Month (1988)
  • The Sun Eating Gypsy (1989)
  • The Sorrow of the Northwest Wind (1993)
  • The City of Poets (1994)
  • Tale, The Sister of Verse (2003)
  • Istanbul Blues (2004)
  • On the Road (2009)


Travel Writing

  • The Travel Notes of a Brunette (1989)
  • The Diary of an Urban Romantic (1998)
  • New York Logbook (2000)



  • Silver Summer, Silver Girl (2002)



  • Travels with Selin and Cem (2003)
  • My Name is Istanbul (2011)


Graphic Novel:

  • Istanbulians (graphic artist: Ayse Nur Ataysoy-2011)


International Publications


USA: I am Istanbul (Dalkey Archieve, Illinois 2013)


Italy: Mediterranean Waltz , Gallipoli (Sellerio Co., Palermo)


Greece: Mediterranean Waltz,

The Long White Cloud-Gallipoli (Psichogios Co., Athens)


Israel: Mediterranean Waltz (Carta, Jerusalem)


Romania: Mediterranean Waltz (Ars Longa Co., Bucarest)


Korea: Mediterranean Waltz ( Chungeoram.Seoul)


Spain : Mediterranean Waltz (Ediciones Tres Fronteras, Murcia)

Istanbulians (EdebéEdiciones, Barcelona )


England: A Cup of Turkish Coffee (Milet Co., London)

Istanbul Blues (Milet Co., London) work in progress for 2014


Hungary: Istanbulians (Napkut Kiedo, Budapeste) work in progress for 2014


Albania: The Long White Cloud-Gallipoli work in progress for 2014


Bulgaria: Istanbulians (Delakort KOM, Sofia) work in progress for 2014


Poland : Istanbulians work in progress for 2014



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