Buket Uzuner is an author of short stories, travelogues, and novels. She is an environmental activist and animal rights advocate. Ms. Uzuner is trained as a molecular biologist and environmental scientist. She studied and worked at universities in Turkey (Hacettepe and METU), Norway, USA and Finland.
Ms. Uzuner won The Yunus Nadi Literature Prize for her novel The Sound of Fishsteps (Balık İzlerinin Sesi) in 1993 and her novel Mediterranean Waltz (Kumral Ada- Mavi Tuna) was awarded as the Best Novel of 1998 by the University of Istanbul. Her books are translated into eight languages.
Ms. Buket Uzuner has been presented as honorary fellow writer by The University of Iowa in 1996. She was presented The Middle East Technical University (METU) appreciation award in 2004 and The Life Achievement Award by Ankara University and Ankara Oyku Gunleri Literary Society in 2016.
She was selected among the 75 Most Influential Women of the Republic of Turkey, by the civic leaders, members of the press, and academia to celebrate the Republic of Turkey’s 75th anniversary.
Her novel “A Gallipoli Soldier’s Secret” became an instant international best seller in New Zealand in 2015 at the 100th anniversary of The Gallipoli War.
She has travelled and lived in North Africa, North America and Europe.
Two Green Otters, Their Mothers, Their Fathers, Their Lovers, and the Others (1991) The Sound of Fishsteps (1993 Yunus Nadi Novel Award)
The Mediterranean Waltz (1997)
Long White Cloud-Gallipoli (2001)
Istanbulians (2007)
WATER: The Adventures of Misfit Daphne Shaman- Nature Quartet-1st Book (2012) EARTH: The Adventures of Misfit Daphne Shaman -Nature Quartet- 2nd book (2015)
Short Story Collections
My Name is May (1986)
The Most Naked Day of the Month (1988) The Sun Eating Gypsy (1989)
The Sorrow of the Northwest Wind (1993) The City of Poets (1994)
Tale, The Sister of Verse (2003)
Istanbul Blues (2004)
On the Road (2009)
Travel Writing
The Travel Notes of a Brunette (1989) The Diary of an Urban Romantic (1998) New York Logbook (2000)
Silver Summer, Silver Girl (2002) Children
Oh To Be A Cat! (2017)
Travels with Selin and Cem (2003)
Graphic Novel:
Istanbulians (graphic artist: Ayse Nur Ataysoy-2011)
International Publications
USA: I am Istanbul (Dalkey Archieve, Illinois 2013)
Italy: Mediterranean Waltz , Gallipoli (Sellerio Co., Palermo) Greece: Mediterranean Waltz,
The Long White Cloud-Gallipoli (Psichogios Co., Athens) Israel: Mediterranean Waltz (Carta, Jerusalem)
Romania: Mediterranean Waltz (Ars Longa Co., Bucarest)
Spain : Mediterranean Waltz (Ediciones Tres Fronteras, Murcia)
Istanbulians (Edebé Ediciones, Barcelona ) England: A Cup of Turkish Coffee (Milet Co., London)
Istanbul Blues (Milet Co., London)
Two Green Otters (Milet Co., London) Hungary: Istanbulians (Napkut Kiedo, Budapeste) Gallipoli ( Magyar Napkut)
Bulgaria: Istanbulians (Delakort KOM, Sofia)

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